5 Steamy Sex Positions

To reach orgasm, the clitoris is the key for most women. It's a magical organ solely designed for pleasure - no other purpose! Remember, guys, without proper clitoral stimulation, no matter how long or what position you choose, your partner is unlikely to climax. Here are 5 positions to help you activate her pleasure button:

She's on top
Let's spice up the language a bit! It's no secret that some ladies enjoy taking charge in the bedroom, and one way they do that is by riding their man like a cowboy on a wild stallion. Not only does this give them complete control over the angle and pace of penetration, but it also makes for an oh-so-intimate experience. Plus, it's the perfect opportunity for some hands-on clitoral action, whether it's the woman or the man who's doing the touching. Yeehaw!

The doggy style 
Get ready to unleash your inner animal with the one and only doggy style! This position isn't just for our furry friends - it's a hit with humans too! With easy access to the clitoris, both partners can reach new heights of pleasure. And let's not forget about the power play - this position gives men a primal feeling of domination while allowing women to take control of their pleasure. Plus, ladies, you can adjust the angle of penetration to your liking, whether you prefer to be on all fours or get down on your elbows. So why not give the doggy style a try? Who knows, it might just be your new favorite position!"

Feet on the ground
Get ready to keep your feet firmly on the ground while reaching for the stars in this hot and steamy position! The woman lays back on the bed while the man stands or kneels outside, giving him full access to explore her body and even reaching down to the clitoris for extra pleasure. And ladies, don't be shy - feel free to touch yourself too! It's all about mutual satisfaction in this position. 

Expert tip  - cold feet can put a damper on the fun, so guys, take charge and warm her up with a sensual foot rub. Not only will it enhance the experience, but it might just be the key to unlocking an out-of-this-world orgasm! So put your feet up and let the pleasure take over in this feet-on-the-ground position.

Take Your Missionary Position from Mild to Wild with This Hot and Exciting Twist!
Get ready to spice up your missionary game with a twist that will take you to new heights of pleasure! It's like the classic position, but with a sexy upgrade - the man needs to go higher and hit that sweet 90-degree angle for maximum clitoral stimulation. This little tweak will add a whole new level of excitement to your go-to position. And the best part? Missionary is perfect for those who are feeling a little shy - no fancy moves are required!

But wait, there's more! Want to take it up another notch? Add a pillow under the woman's lower back for a whole new angle of pleasure. This will open up new areas of the clitoris for even more sensation and excitement. So get ready to rock your world with this missionary twist - it's missionary like you've never experienced before!

The sexy scissors position 
Get ready to get tangled up in the sheets with the scissors position! This exciting position involves both partners lying on their backs at a 45-degree angle from each other, with the woman's leg on top of the man for deep penetration and maximum pleasure. And the best part? It's easy for both partners to explore and stimulate each other, for intense and mutual satisfaction. So why not add some spice to your bedroom routine and try the scissors position tonight?

The Big Question: Which Sex Position Has You Intrigued?
Get ready to spice things up! Choose one and give it a go tonight! But hold on, it's not just about the moves and techniques - the energy you convey to your partner during the deed is just as, if not more, important! If you're on the shyer side, it's time to let loose and show your partner what's really going on in your body. Make some noise, speak your mind, scream, groan, touch, and never hold back on showing just how much pleasure you're feeling. Trust us - taking your sexual energy up a notch will transport you to uncharted realms of pure ecstasy!