About us

About us
Mioshy's Couple's Games

My name is Itzik Barlev. I'm 45 years old, and I've been married for 17 years. I'm a father to Lian (16), Nadav (14), and Noam (7). My journey towards a passionate relationship started when my children were still young. My wife and I reached a point where we considered breaking our relationship. In an attempt to avoid that, we started seeking couples counseling and sex therapy... but it didn't help.

But instead of giving up, I decided to roll up my sleeves, engage my mind, and understand what was wrong. I wanted to understand who was responsible for the situation we found ourselves in and, most importantly, whether there was a solution. I started by reading hundreds of books on relationships, passion, instincts, and love in every language I could read - Italian, English, and Hebrew. At the same time, I enrolled in courses on relationships, NLP, couples counseling, and sexual therapy. The result was remarkable: I quickly revived passion and love in our relationship.

With all the knowledge I gained and my love of games, I founded Mioshy. We use methods and tools from personal training, sexology, psychology, and NLP. This allows couples to preserve and enhance their long-lasting, passionate, and love-filled relationships. Over the years, we have helped thousands of couples around the world.

Based on years of learning and personal experience, the games I have developed will take you on an exciting and loving journey as a couple. This will strengthen your communication, passion, and connection. We will be there in the background, accompanying you step by step and present you with more intimate games and creative ideas! If you wish, we can also help you gradually and gently enter the wonderful world of sexual accessories. This is done with passion kits and specialized games we have created for this purpose.

"Mioshy" is intended for all couples looking to rekindle their passion and have fun together, enjoying hot and steamy nights. However...
Wait, what does "Mioshy" mean? Oh! The name I chose for my partner is rooted in the fact that this time, the game isn't going to be about nudity: I had four incredible years in sensual Italy with my wife, who back then was just "my girlfriend." In Italian - the sexiest language in the world - "Mio" means "mine," and "Oshy" is the nickname I used to call her, and I still do, my beloved, Osheret. "My woman," "my oshy." "Mioshy".
This is my story - of immense love and passion that has withstood the test of time. From there, a renewed spark of everything that connected and ignited us in Italy when we embarked on our shared journey. And this story can also be yours! That's why we're here.
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