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About us
About us

It is funny how life works. The only way to explain Mioshy is by going back to when I was a child. It was the 1980s, long before Wikipedia and Google existed. Back then, people would go door to door selling encyclopedias in large volumes. I would devour these books, but what lingered in my mind were the subjects that touched the human psyche. Even when my hands grew, and I no longer struggled to manage such formidable books, I continued to absorb as much information as possible. You could call it intellectual hunger.

 For 20 years, I studied and researched the human brain. I tried to understand, for instance, why people choose a specific life partner. Moreover, after a while, the same people decide to separate from the person they vowed to love. I took many courses on various topics, all under the same premise: understand human relationships. Analyze the concepts of sexuality, family, and love. And this road led to Mioshy.

 Mioshy is the result of a mistake. Better said, of the many mistakes I made in my relationships. The curiosity that driven me during my early years did not diminish with time. On the contrary, this eagerness to understand steered me to use my blunders and develop a formula for successful couples: one that contained all the necessary elements to create more powerful and robust intimate relationships.

 I won´t lie. It bothers me that half of the marriages end up in divorce. I took a voluntary decision to roll up my sleeve, work hard, and gather the knowledge accumulated over twenty years of research to help couples make it through the pit. To guide them through a shared, happy path.

 All of the above translates into an innovative program I made, based on a unique concept of tasks and challenges. The goal is to lead you to an improved relationship with solid foundations.

 Once a month, Mioshy members are provided with a challenge and a task. Upon their completion, they will learn to share, open up, get excited, and love each other more. The challenges and tasks are based on the tools I learned and the creative approach I came up with. At Mioshy, a highly-skilled team of consultants and sexologists work together to develop these tailored tasks and challenges. Not only will your relationship bloom, but you will enjoy the ride!


 The name comes from “Mia,” which means “mine” in Italian –arguably the most passionate language in the world. And “Oshi,” which is the nickname of my beloved wife. “My wife” is my happiness.

Join Mioshy and take a decisive step towards powerful love.


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